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10 Natural Ways to Increase Male Sexual Performance

It can be a competitive world out there. Men and women alike are eager for their sexual consummation peak - competing against themselves, their partner and societal pressure. Whilst your abilities in bed can vary day to day there are various steps you can take to try and boost what you can achieve under the sheets.

Some of these tips and tricks have protracted implementation. Nonetheless, anything worth having is definitely worth waiting for. The great thing about the following advice is that it will positively affect your overall health and well being not just improve your sex life.

We’ve kept the following tips all natural for you to make sure you don’t have any unwarranted side effects. When thinking about male sexual health it’s best to keep in mind that your erection is built on a good blood pressure. 

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A tired body or a poorly function heart and circulatory system will spell disaster for your time in bed. Keeping healthy will keep you and your partner happy!

Eat Your 5 a day - It should come as no surprise that we start this list with diet. Nutrition (along with point 2 - exercise) have been the basics of a healthy life since humans began. No fads or technology needed here. Ingest adequate fruit and veg in your diet. If you don’t think vegetables can be related to sex then you are forgetting about aphrodisiacs! Natural spicy foods like chillies reduce high blood pressure which in turn helps your blood flow and erections.

Exercise - There is no point eating healthily if you sit around the house all day! Maintaining a regular exercise routine will keep your muscles toned and your blood flow healthy. A more active lifestyle will abate fatigue, maintain your erection and athleticism in bed! Not to mention all the ther benefits your life will gain from being healthier, such as point 3.

Minimise Tension and Stress - There are innumerable forms to invoke, with exercise being but one of umpteen. Stress is really effective at killing your libido so expedite problem identification. If you let tension and stress build unchecked it could eventually lead to deleterious morbidity: Depression. Apart from all the obvious negatives this is an even bigger libido killer. Unavoidably, being at unease with your life will lead you into bad coping habits such as smoking, drink and drugs: another cocktail likely to kill your performance.

Get More Vitamin B - There are perculiarly a multitude of B vitamins, 8 in total. They are oddly numbered which is why there is a Vitamin B12! Note this type of vitamin is water soluble. If an element is water soluble your body cannot store it. To maintain good health obtain commensurable amount each week from foods like eggs, peanuts and pork.

See the Sun! - Every night when the sun goes down your body detects the lack of light. This releases melatonin which helps you sleep but it also puts your sex drive to sleep as well. A proper day out in the sun shuts down your melatonin production and brings your sex drive back to life. If you work indoors a lot make sure to get out on the weekends and at lunchtime.

Cut out the bad habits - smoking, alcohol and illicit drugs end up narrowing your blood vessels. Reducing blood flow around your body and to your penis is never a good idea. This will make it much harder to last in bed or even get an erection.

Don’t forget your lover - it always takes two to tango. Taking some time with foreplay and giving your partner some much-needed attention will always be good for you too.

Communicate! - If you have anything in sex that you prefer or dislike don’t keep it to yourself! Too many people in a relationship expect a type of mind reading to go on and get confused and upset when their personal needs aren’t met. Communication is key and the foundation to any strong relationship.

Avail of support - sometimes no matter what you do to optimise your health and sex life obstacles abound. Scrutinise underlying apprehensions. These can range from medical to psychological to medical problems, like erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. If you have sexual concerns that just won’t go away always consider consulting a doctor.

Time your Ejaculations - As with anything good in life, polar extremes are ruinous. Long periods without ejaculation may make your penis too sensitive when it comes to intercourse and increase your risk of premature ejaculation. Too many ejaculations either from sex or masturbation can cause sexual fatigue. If your sexual partner has a higher sex drive than you, don’t worry this is perfectly normal. As with point 8, don’t forget to communicate.