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Are You Suffering From High Estrogen?

There is a growing trend around the world of testosterone being used as a health supplement to try and increase muscle growth, ‘manliness’ and sustain peak sexual performance. This fascination has grown as testosterone has always been linked to male development and health. What is missing from the picture is that a balance is required between testosterone and estrogen whether you are a man or a woman.

With imbalance comes dysfunction so too much or too little estrogen as a man could hinder your health. The most overy signs will come from having too much however so we have a compiled a list of potential red flag symptoms below. If you feel that you may have one of the following book an appointment to get some of the tests carried out we discuss later.

High Estrogen in Men can cause

Infertility - this is the big one. While estrogen is definitely needed in spermatogenesis an overload will cause the number of sperm successfully made to drop. If this number drops low enough you will find it incredibly difficult to conceive. As long as you have some sperm then in vitro fertilization could be an option for you. Depending on where you live however this could be quite an expensive venture so looking for ways to reverse your imbalanced hormone levels is the best first step.

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Gynecomastia - known colloquially as ‘man boobs’ these are not just from fat as some may think. High levels of fat in themselves can actually boost estrogen levels and together with any excess you may already have this can promote the growth of breast tissue. Eventually this growth will be noticeable and the man will have shape to his chest much like a breast.

Erectile dysfunction - the reasons and aetiology behind ED are legion. However it is important to know that hyperestrogen can be a root cause. Again ED is best treated by going to see a specialist rather than assuming things from guides on the internet.

Getting Diagnosed

As said previously, any concerns regarding your hormonal balance should prompt a visit to your doctor. The signs you exhibit could be for a variety of reasons so your doctor will want to test the hormone levels in your blood before pursuing any further intervention.

There are a few variant types of estrogen but the results you will get as a man will include Estrone and Estradiol. For an adult female who has not gone through the menopause you would expect around 20-200pg/ml and 15-350pg/ml respectively. These are obviously affected by the menstrual cycle but the chemicals stay within the limits noted.

In an adult male these two types of estrogen should be under 60pg/ml and 40pg/ml again respectively. If your blood test for either comes back as above the standard range then you will have to be referred for specialist review and treatment.

Hyperestrogen management

If your estrogen is simply too high or the imbalance is causing issues with your testosterone production then intervention of some kind is mandated. This can range from lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise or medication and potentially surgery down the line.

Diet - having a high fat diet and piling on the pounds is a surefire way to artificially boost your female hormone levels. This can create a dangerous downward spiral as your testosterone level drops which in turn slows muscle building, turns muscle into fat and saps you of your drive to exercise. All these factors make you gain even more weight and the cycle begins again. Put on enough weight and you could start to see thyroid dysfunction as well. Not only does this make you even more tired you will retain more of the calories you are eating. Avoid at all costs!

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Medication - for men there is a class of drugs that stop the conversion of male hormones into estrogen. This technically should mean both boosted levels of testosterone and lower levels of estrogen, addressing the balance. If you hear the phrase aromatase inhibitor mentioned these are the drugs the doctor is talking about!

Surgery - any tumours affecting your hormonal regulation or testosterone production need to be fully assessed by both radiologists and surgeons. The benefit of surgery is that the effect will take place immediately if the offending source is removed compared to medication which has to influence various centres in the brain and body.

A Professional Medical Opinion

We need to repeat this because it is so important. If you have any concerns book an appointment with a real physician. Don’t diagnose from internet guides and then start self-treating with dubious online pharmaceuticals. This is the path to failure and potentially harm and ill health as well so make sure to only listen to kosher advice.