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Dangers of Male Enhancement

Male enhancement has been a steady market even before the days of the internet. Since the launch of the world wide web however there seems to be male improvement material everywhere. From pills to supplements and surgery there is a new fantastic treatment or cure always around the corner.

The problem is that most of these wonder drugs are actually not all they’re cracked up to be. From untested concoctions to herbal remedies that simply don’t work it is hard to work out which information to trust. There are some real methods and medicines out there that do work but it’s important to know their limitations and risks.

We live in a highly sexualised world and clearly this is having an impact on men’s self esteem and ability to compete in an ever shrinking society. Unfortunately despite a man’s penis often being one of his most prized possessions the public are happy to turn to gossip and online forums when trying to seek help. As there are a wide range of factors that can be helped by either stress reduction or medication, finding tricks and tips off the internet is likely to be less effective.

A visit to a doctor or counsellor if you do have any concerns will help align your perspective and expectations to a more realistic level. After that you will then be best placed to make an informed decision about any further steps that you want to take.


Penis extension kits are a dime a dozen online. They range from cheap plastic versions from China up to luxury setups for those who have the money to burn. Aside from generally being useless these contraptions can actually be dangerous to your penis. Usually they apply undue pressure around the base and head of your penis which can cause bleeding or tears in the penile tissue.

At worst this could cause permanent deformity or scarring which could affect your performance and function. At best you will have just wasted your time and effort and be left with few results to show for it at the end of the day. Some pumps have been shown anecdotally do work in some fashion but without rigorous testing it will always be hard to know if a particular brand is safe to choose.


Surgery of any kind should always be viewed as a last resort because of the inherent risk to health and life. Penile surgery will mean undergoing a general anaesthetic which a small minority of the population can have an anaphylactic reaction to. No surgery is ever either 100% effective or 100% safe. The procedure can fail at any level and not give you the result you want. Or human error can creep into the picture and leave you with an unintended injury from the surgery.

Either way, in a recent study done of men who had undergone surgical extension therapy only 35% of men were actually satisfied with the results.

So-called Medication

Shady and grey market medication is always a dangerous game to play. Even when you are buying from what seems to be a reputable website there a too many tricks being played to get around importing and pharmaceutical laws.

To be prescribed Cialis or Viagra for example you must be prescribed it by a registered physician in most countries. Viagra is licensed for erectile dysfunction because it works well in most cases. Most male enhancement pills found on the internet have ingredients which make them essentially useless. To combat this sometimes the manufacturers put in viagra or viagra analogues. Around the world millions of supplements are being tainted with strong drugs which are not on the label.

So while these pills may have some effect you have no idea what you are really taking. Tests done in Singapore and the Netherlands showed that enhancement supplements contained ingredients which were not declare don the label. Of the drugs identified they were often in doses much higher than would be recommended.

The bottom line from the FDA in America is this: natural supplements don’t have the amazing impact that is promised on the web. Novel medications are being included in the mix to mitigate this but they then represent an unknown risk to a man’s health and well being.

As all these formulations tend to be brand new and as a result they are unregulated and difficult to control. Make sure to err on the side of caution and consult a medical professional prior to commencing any medication.