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Dapoxetine and Men's Health

Combating Erectile Dysfunction

When researching ED treatments and remedies, Dapoxetine may have cropped up, despite its use obfuscated. For mastering dominance in bed there are lots of differing remedies and solutions out there on the internet but few work or achieve the corollary promised.

Dapoxetine however is one of the few drugs and treatments on the market putting forward evidence-based findings. Recently various countries internationally have licensed Dapoxetine for prescription to the public. This government-backed endorsement is a fantastic sign that the treatment is worth trying!

Dapoxetine Effectiveness

The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence in the UK looked at 4 studies demonstrated a compelling difference in how long a man could last in bed prior and post administering the drug. They tested both 30 and 60mg doses and the majority perceived improvement. I.e. a patient who lasts on average 1 minute in bed would end up lasting around 3 to 3.5 minutes with the 30 and 60mg doses respectively.

The studies show that whilst taking a bigger dose does mean prevailing even longer, minimal dosing still makes a big difference from normal.

Should I Take Dapoxetine?

As with any medication or drug, make sure to consult a health professional first. Medication strong enough to be effective often has side effects that you need to be aware of as well.

Never take Dapoxetine and Viagra simulataneously! This may come as a shock as you would expect the two to act hand in hand. Instead the two drugs mixed together could create a dangerous cocktail and affect your heart, so don’t be tempted to mix them!

If an doctor does prescribe them, 4 week post-treatment medication scrutiny is obligated. Even after this initial visit every 6 months or so reevaluation and query of continuing with the caplet is advised.

Don’t let this alarm you. There may be a few side effects but they are either mild or not common enough to warrant concern. The main trio of potential side effects are dizziness, headache and nausea. An acceptable burden if the reward is lasting 3 times longer in bed than usual!

Will My Doctor Give Me Dapoxetine?

 Lots of men are worried about their intersocial-connections and can become paranoid about every facet, including how long they last. There are however 6 criteria for the use of dapoxetine in cumming unexpectedly all of them must be fulfilled before you can be diagnosed with PE. Only on diagnosis can you receive pertinent treatment!

Check this list below and be honest!

An ejaculation time during intercourse of less than 2 minutes and

  • Recurrent emanation before, during or shortly after penetration and
  • Before the man wants to cum and
  • psychotropic downturns or degraded interpersonal attachments as a result and
  • Generally insufficient cumming containment and
  • Premature emanation for the preponderance of junctures at having intimate relations over the last twice-yearly period.

If you match these criteria the benefit of Dapoxetine should be an actionable outcome.

How To Take Dapoxetine

Like viagra dapoxetine should be taken at least 1 hour before you start copulating. It can be taken a full 3 hours before so don’t worry too much about timing! The effect's half-life is a few hours and research indicates effect can build up over time.

Commence with the lowest dose of 30mg as this also has the lowest chance of giving you side effects as well. If you feel you need the bigger dose move onto this in a few weeks.

Don’t Mix It!

Dapoxetine with viagra can be treacherous but avoid all the customary suspects as well. Other intoxicants that put strain on the cardia such as alcohol and illicit drugs (inclusive of cocaine!) are bad news when taking Viagra or dapoxetine. You don’t want a lethal myocardial infarction during copulation!

Dapoxetine is a selective-serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI. Those with a history of depression or anxiety will know this already. As dapoxetine hyperbolically increases serotonin in the blood taking another SSRI or MAOI could be very precarious and lead to a lethal condition known as a serotonin syndrome.

If you have a healthy cardium and don’t take any of the drugs mention then dapoxetine could be a great choice for you in minimizing the amount of premature discharge you experience. Used correspondingly it is a safe and effective drug.