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Detecting Early Onset Low Testosterone

You may have read that Testosterone slowly decreases with age after 30. The unspoken truth is low testosterone and symptoms can emanate well before middle age? Apart from its association with sex drive testosterone plays an important part in the lives of both men and women. Focussing on men, testosterone is responsible for the features that people describe as being male. That means facial and body hair growth, voice deepening and more. It promotes the growth and development of the testicles, penis and sperm alongside assisting in muscle growth.

As you can imagine experiencing the opposite of these symptoms could mean that you have low testosterone, or ‘Low T’ as it is commonly known.

Do I have Low T?

As with most symptoms that are a result of hormone derangement, low T produces a confusing array of conditions. Symptoms you may experience include:

Hypoactivity and fatigue - a common but general symptom of low T that could also have a slew of causes. If this is a solitary symptom you will need to rule out varying differential diagnoses pending the root aetiology. Speak to your doctor about suitable management.

Despondency - depression always has a root cause. If you are seeking professional help and not progressing some quick blood tests may provide an answer. Low T is unlikely to be the only reason you are depressed but it does may existing problems seem much worse and harder to deal with.

Infertility - Again, there are many reasons you are having trouble conceiving. Fertility doctors recommend having sex and ejaculating twice a week maximum over a period of six months before seeking help. This increases to over a year as your partner gets older. If after ample time you have not bore children referral to a fertility clinic may be your best option.

Obesity - If you have started to gain weight without any change to your diet or lifestyle then you could have low T. Testosterone as we have mentioned before helps build muscle, without it the muscle starts to break down and is stored as fat. Accelerating obesity spawns into power loss.

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Poor shuteye - another vague symptom as many people with normal T levels have bad sleep patterns. Use this as a guide if you also have other symptoms from the list.

Erectile difficulty - Low T can kill your sex drive and in turn reduce the number and strength of your erections. If you can get an erection you may then find it hard to maintain. If this is a new symptom not exacerbated by external cues in your life then it may be due to low T.

Hair loss - this is a sign that usually comes with old age and is dreaded by many men. Don’t confuse this with male pattern baldness however. Despite many myths that persist about baldness and virility, male pattern baldness is due to genetics and not hyper or hypo testosterone levels!

Breasts - yes that’s right, breasts or ‘man boobs’ are a real possibility. This may be caused by heart medication that your doctor has prescribed and ominous of hyper progesterone. If you are worried go and get a quick blood test.

What To Do Next

If you have reviewed the above list and found that you match some of the symptoms don’t panic! Experiencing a few of these does not undoubtedly mean that you definitely have low T. There are many medical and psychological problems that can cause many of the symptoms on the list. Always make sure you see a medical professional and don’t simply diagnose yourself from this list!

While you wait for your appointment take a look at ways to naturally increase your testosterone. This is always the best first step rather than resorting to medication.