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Erectile Dysfunction and Male enhancement articles blog.

Male Cognitive Enhancement Part 2

We have discussed the cognitive advantages that men have due to their neurological makeup. These inherent skills such as spatial awareness, determination and leadership can set men apart from the pack. Men have these skills in part due to their upbringing and culture they have been exposed to since childhood.

Male Cognitive Enhancement Part 1

There has long been discussion about the differences in male and female thinking. Aside from assumptions and myths, testosterone and estrogen have been now shown by science to affect how men and women think. Throughout the day and months both of these fluctuate in out bodies, in turn influencing some and restricting other hormones.

The Portable Male Workout

If you crave building an impressive physique, strength or weight training is one of the most common routes people pick. This type of workout gets your muscles primed for action, indictable under load. In doing so micro tears form in your muscles. Repairing these tears builds the muscle back even bigger than it was before.

Gaining Male Confidence

Confidence extends into every aspect of your life, whether social, work or personal. In 2018 the interconnected world of social media is creating societies filled with anxiety, competition and worry. To overcompensate some men and boys act with arrogance, confusing it with a mature and confident outlook.

The Male Menopause

Everyone knows about a woman’s menopause that she goes through in middle age. After a lifetime of periods and fertility, the body’s reproductive hormones shift down a notch when the number of eggs available reaches zero. This makes the woman’s reproductive system and indeed whole body and mind go through a number of well known changes.

Medical Factors affecting Male Fertility

Fertility and birth rates have been dropping worldwide since the 70s. This worrying trend has seen societies upended as the older population continues to grow in size, creating a burden for the smaller amount of children being born. Coupled with falling testosterone levels as well and there is clearly a major deficit in our society which is threatening to push some countries into negative population growth.

Are You Suffering From High Estrogen?

There is a growing trend around the world of testosterone being used as a health supplement to try and increase muscle growth, ‘manliness’ and sustain peak sexual performance. This fascination has grown as testosterone has always been linked to male development and health

Avoiding Exogenous Estrogens

Men will always talk about testosterone when thinking of manliness but estrogen commonly gets left out of the picture.Estrogen is the female sex hormone but it is wrong to assume that it is not present in men. This particular female sex hormone is needed in male development and provides a natural progression of growth.

What makes men happy in 2019

The last few decades have been ones of major social shift and change for both men and women. Years of civil rights for minorities and women have led to large changes in expectations and behaviour of the masses. Many aspects of personality which were traditionally considered manly are now subject to question or derision: physical and mental dominance alongside a protective instinct for one's own.

5 Steps To Male Self Improvement

Male enhancement is actually a much more varied and deep subject than one might expect after trawling through countless men’s health and lifestyle magazines. These topics are usually headline grabbers which are designed to grab your attention rather than give you any real and useful information.

Male enhancement and ED help Traction That Works

There are a ton of guides and gurus out there on the web. Often these lead to misinformation and scams but there has been a paper released by the scientific community which shows that there may be a technique for men which actually works! Penis enlargement is always dodgy ground but researchers in Italy put their mind to going through the data available.

Male Enhancement You Should Avoid

Male enhancement is a very crowded arena in this day and age. Although the pitfalls of wasting your money are well documented what people may not realise is that over the counter supplements can actually do more harm than good. This includes vitamins which for some reason the general public think cannot be taking in doses which are too high. 

How To Be A More Attractive Man - Top 10 Tips

How To Be A More Attractive Man. It may not be a vocal query but subconscious. There are many myths and long running biases when it comes to ‘what women want’. Mainstream media and publications have for a long time fixated on cliches such as wealth, status and commitment.

Dangers of Male Enhancement

Male enhancement has been a steady market even before the days of the internet. Since the launch of the world wide web however there seems to be male improvement material everywhere. From pills to supplements and surgery there is a new fantastic treatment or cure always around the corner.

Causes of low testosterone in young men

Low testosterone can be upsetting for a man of any age but it is especially pronounced in younger men who expect to be virile. There can be a number of reasons why you experience a drop in your male hormone levels but luckily regardless of the root cause you can receive effective treatment.

Detecting Early Onset Low Testosterone

You may have read that Testosterone slowly decreases with age after 30. The unspoken truth is low testosterone and symptoms can emanate well before middle age? Apart from its association with sex drive testosterone plays an important part in the lives of both men and women.

10 Natural Ways to Increase Male Sexual Performance

It can be a competitive world out there. Men and women alike are eager for their sexual consummation peak - competing against themselves, their partner and societal pressure. Whilst your abilities in bed can vary day to day there are various steps you can take to try and boost what you can achieve under the sheets.

Loss of Male Sex Drive and ways to combat it

In a world where a man’s sex drive is linked to his confidence, happiness and prevailing well being, having a sudden loss of libido or sex drive can be a terrifying thing. It is however a common occurrence for men globally at some point in their lives.

Orgasm and Ejaculation - How to Delay Them

Men and women have one biological goal when they have sex - to fertilise the woman and produce a baby. For this to happen the man must orgasm, ejaculate and shoot his sperm as close to the woman’s cervix as possible. Without this end result sex is biologically pointless and also not enjoyable! 

Dapoxetine and Men's Health

When researching ED treatments and remedies, dapoxetine may have cropped up, despite its use obfuscated. For mastering dominance in bed there are lots of differing remedies and solutions out there on the internet but few work or achieve the corollary promised.