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Ordering online

Is it necessary to provide my phone number?

Whilst we understand you might prefer anonymity when ordering medication, we need your mobile or home number to contact you about your order. 

Occasionally, we might need to contact you because something about your order needs clarification or confirmation. We infrequently contact customers to validate their address because they have input it wrong.

If we have to contact you, only a senior representative of will call, and the conversation will be treated in the strictest confidence. We assure absolute discretion.

Can you also accept orders by telephone?

In the interests of patient confidentiality, we cannot. Our consulting and order processing system is specifically designed to function as an online service.

If you have queries about your application for a consultation or need assistance with any other aspect of your request, please contact us at your earliest convenience. 

Is there a limit to how much medication I can order? 

Yes, there is a maximum limitation on every order you place. Your doctor can prescribe up to 3 month’s supply of most medications. However, all prescribed quantities of medication are authorized at their disposition.

How do I notify you of an alteration to my postal address?

If you are an existing customer and your address has changed, there is ordinarily no need to contact us. Indicate the change of address when next ordering and we will update our records accordingly. We dispatch parcels to the address you specify on each occasion that you place your order, so please be sure you are requesting postage to the correct address.

Can I cancel my order at any time?

Your order can only be cancelled before we forward it to a pharmacy in our network. If it has already reached the pharmacy, cancellation will incur an administrative fee of €12.50, applicable to all orders requiring a prescription. In exceptional circumstances there is the potential to waive such charges, pending approval by our representatives. Orders that have been sent out for delivery cannot be canceled.

What range of medicines are provided by pharmacy structure?

Our partner pharmacists proffer a selection of medications including regular non-prescription, over-the-counter merchandise, and all types of prescription drugs and treatments. Medications for any condition indicated on our website can be provided by any of our EU registered pharmacies. Some are available without a prescription if indicated, and with a prescription, following an online session with one of our EU registered medical practitioners.  

How do I know if your supplies are genuine? attains very high standards and we value our integrity as a trusted online service provider. We only work with fully qualified EU registered doctors and physicians who will specify medications that are dispensed by an EU registered pharmacist. All medications are proprietary name commodities sourced from the official manufacturer.

Are your goods covered by insurance?

Insurers rarely cover medications that are purchased online. Our service includes consultations and the provision of medications by EU registered professionals and companies, which may not be underwritten by your particular policy. Many online service providers operate differently to similar offline services, and therefore you should check with the insuring company and confirm whether you are insured.

What brand of medication can I expect?

Our pharmacy colleagues habitually deal with an extensive variety of major name pharmaceutical providers and therefore brands for interchangeable items can alter, depending on which one is supplying the pharmacy at the time of your order. Any that are displayed on our website are for presentation purposes only and not an indication of the one you will receive.