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Loss of Male Sex Drive and ways to combat it

In a world where a man’s sex drive is linked to his confidence, happiness and prevailing well being, having a sudden loss of libido or sex drive can be a terrifying thing. It is however a common occurrence for men globally at some point in their lives.

Unfortunately because most guys will expect to always have a strong desire for sex any change is that can be worrying. Not understanding why something is happening will always be a cause for paranoia rather than reassurance. Despite how distressing the condition is, a low libido is a result of issues with a partner, or other external factors like stress from work and tiredness.

Luckily the symptoms should not extend ad infinitum and there are steps you can personally implement. Sometimes there may be an underlying medical condition in which case a visit to your doctor would be the best idea. This article points you in the direction of potential help and explains a few of the most common causes of a low sex drive.

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Remember, before you read on: there is no normal sex drive! It is usual for a couple to not completely match in the amount of foreplay and intercourse they desire. If there is a slight mismatch, no need to worry. If the lack is negatively affecting your mental health or damaging your relationship then read on for the next steps to take.

Where to seek help and guidance?

Your Family Doctor

Your local doctor can investigate why you are feeling a drop in your sex drive. A good overview of the medical and social side of your life will allow them to pinpoint the issue. If your quandary is rather minor physicians may give advice or refer to a more specialist service for extant diagnosis and management.

A Sexual Health Clinic

Although these clinics are chiefly for contraception and the diagnosis of sexually transmitted infections they do have extensive experience in sexually related botheration such as loss of libido. They will carry out specialist examinations and tests to screen you for potential medical concerns.

Sexual Health Charities

SHCs are legion regardless of which country you live in. A quick search on the internet will localise your closest one. If you don’t want to travel there will be a helpline for confidentially discussing your concerns.

A Counsellor or Psychosexual Therapist

Sex Counsellors and Therapists are specially trained to investigate the psychological reasons behind your lack of sex drive or any other sexually related issue you may have. They will discuss your whole life from childhood onwards to affirm the root of the hitch. If you are worried about your relationship suffering there may be an opportunity to attend couples counselling if it is friction within your relationship.

Regardless of whichever route you choose it is paramount that distress directs you to seek help. Cases of low libido do resolve spontaneously, seeking help will help treat you faster and reduce the chance of history repeating itself in the future.

Let’s scrutinise the most common causes of low libido that your doctor or therapist may want declared.


  • A high intensity relationship with lots of arguements and fighting
  • Joint issues as a couple such as deaths in the family, financial problems etc
  • General loss of sexual attraction
  • Overfamiliarity with your partner over the course of a long term relationship
  • Lack of communication
  • Lack of trust
  • Physical sexual problems (see below)

Physical Sexual Problems - if you are your partner perceive it difficult or painful to have sex this will naturally decrease you desire to have sex.

Stress and Fatigue

These are closely linked and can over time also lead to depression. Causes of stress and fatigue are often multifactorial rather than solely stemming from one causative factor. Going to see you family doctor is the next best step to take. 

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If they find you are depressed or anxious there are many treatment options available which your doctor will explain to you. Do not delay clinical examination, especially if depression may be the problem. This globally induces change in your life including you overall happiness.


As we age there is a shift in our bodies regarding hormones. Studies analyzing men reveal a steady decline in testosterone after the age of 30. Not all men experience a change in their libido but is perfectly normal if you do. Speak to your doctor to see if you qualify for testosterone replacement therapy.

General Health

It is indisputable that the fitter and healthier you are the more testosterone builds up, you will maintain erections and go for longer in bed. Unfortunately, the opposite is also true. Chronic health conditions are numerous and can affect the body in a variety of ways, including reducing sex drive. Any medication you take to treat your long term health problem may also influence this. Again speak to your doctor or specialist if you have any concerns.