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Male Cognitive Enhancement Part 1

There has long been discussion about the differences in male and female thinking. Aside from assumptions and myths, testosterone and estrogen have been now shown by science to affect how men and women think. Throughout the day and months both of these fluctuate in out bodies, in turn influencing some and restricting other hormones. Taken as a whole our ability to perform certain tasks therefore changes as our mind focuses on different priorities.

Doctors carried out a variety of tests on male and female medical students to see if any gender had a specific advantage. Women and men both reported similar scores when the women were pre ovulation. Post ovulation however, some important anomalies were apparent. Women showed significant improvement in the post ovulation period however. Executive functioning performed better than average when compared to their male counterparts but the ability to focus suffered in the same time period.

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There are further differences between men and women but it is hard to differentiate how much of this is due to biology and genetics rather than environment and personal / societal culture. Resistance is also found to studies of this kind as it is believed that they demonstrate and underlying sexism in the scientific community. Research tends not to try and stratify the genders into superior and inferior but rather looks at the ways we think and what makes each sex unique.

Any statistics released in this field naturally will cast overarching comments about each gender as a whole. If one sex is found to be better than another however at say, bouncing a ball, that does not mean that all cases of gender comparison will elicit this outcome. With that being said, if a man wants to improve his cognitive abilities it is wise to know your strengths and weaknesses before you start.

From there you can either play to your strengths to achieve even more or concentrate on weaknesses to level the playing field. Men classically seem to do better when doing tasks that require spatial reasoning, that is thinking about your environment in 3D. They are able to visualize and perceive these shapes as well as rotate them in their mind. Women on the other hand do well when performing verbal reasoning and other verbal practices which includes reading, writing and speaking.

But what about the more subtle or finer parts of cognition. Personality traits have a big impact on how you choose to use your intelligence and the priorities you hold in your life. Men tend to have testosterone or ‘alpha’ driven traits, such as being more assertive and open to novel concepts or ideas. Women on the other hand are more likely to become neurologically distressed, such as with neuroticism, but more likely to be more socially agreeable with qualities of compassion and empathy. Men also are more likely to be risk seeking whilst women perceive higher pain when exposed to stimuli.

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Machiavellianism in particular is a trait that men seem to hold more than women. This is the twist of personality that is duplicitous in nature, disregards and is cynical of morality and focussing on more on the self than others. This personality trait works well in public office and in politics but tends to be damaging for closer relationships such as friends and partners. Part of the explanation of this trait may be due in part to man’s lack of empathy and interpersonal understanding when compared to women. In order to compensate for not having a natural support network men rely more on structure and manipulation to get ahead, while women may discuss their feelings and needs with friends and family.

From birth into late adulthood these differences make themselves known. Even as small children boys are more attached to playing and interacting with objects while the girls will want to play or interact with other people. In our next article we will look at all the ways men can enhance areas of their cognition, and outperform both their peers and members of the opposite sex. Now we know where men’s abilities shine through the most we can advise best on the most effective methods to be used.