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Male Cognitive Enhancement Part 2

We have discussed the cognitive advantages that men have due to their neurological makeup. These inherent skills such as spatial awareness, determination and leadership can set men apart from the pack. Men have these skills in part due to their upbringing and culture they have been exposed to since childhood.

Boys are given toy cars and soldiers and other practical items to interact with when they are younger. This translates into a more hands on approach to life, to more competition and interaction with the world. Entering the workforce, men naturally have these talents but they are not at an advantage against other men of course.

It is however easier for men to train these areas as their brains are primed neurologically. Brains are plastic, which means that they can adapt and change to new information. When new information is received, it creates a track in the brain which is initially hard to do, but with repetition becomes easier and easier. In other words it is hard to change your behavior or habits in a short period of time. For example, when you drive a car for the first time it takes a lot of effort even when you technically know what you need to do.

You need to mentally think of each action and make it deliberately. Nothing, like strumming a guitar for example, can be done automatically because the track or groove has not been made in your brain. Over time the track becomes more pronounced and your mind and actions will fall naturally to the right thing to do. The same method of practice and repetition works for male mental strengths overall, including leadership and spatial awareness.

The following techniques will help expand your spatial reasoning skills, meaning you can get lost less in a new place or think of 3D prototypes and models easier.

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Lose Yourself! - This may seem counterintuitive but think of it as that practice that we talked about earlier. Catch a train to a suburb or town and  walk away from your starting point,  ultimately returning using a new route. You may get lost the first few times but eventually you will start to intuitively learn how to make your way around your surroundings.

Play Video Games - Likely to be a popular option, video games have been shown in research to boost your visuospatial skills and awareness. This is a transferable skill that you can take with you into the real world of work and travel.

Make Maps - Whether somewhere new or old, making a map from memory is the perfect way to grow your skills. It is essentially making reality what your mind is trying to do in your unconscious. Drawing out a route for your body to take in order to navigate the different twists and turns in your environment. Definitely worth a try.

Be More Aware - Too many people these days are stuck staring at their mobile phones. This isn’t the way we have evolved and this hyper concentration on a tiny screen has robbed us of our awareness of the world around us. Most people just care about getting from A to B and don’t take in any detail about the journey. When revisiting an preceding route you will be savvy re: the destination. Your distracted nature will impair your ability to make a new map, leaving you compromised.

Clear your mind - A busy and agitated mind will never be able to hold and remember details like vectors and time traveled. Having a calm mind and clear thought processes takes a long time to achieve but it is core to improving your cognitive abilities. Have a monotonous job? Get out and try unfamiliar things, be creative once in a while. If you have a very busy and hectic lifestyle be sure to make time for walks, time with friends and if you can manage it: meditation. 

In entirety these bullet points help you to contemplate clearly, manage your time and result in less stress and bother for yourself. This primarily will have the biggest impact on your mental ability to perform.