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Male Enhancement You Should Avoid

Male enhancement is a very crowded arena in this day and age. Although the pitfalls of wasting your money are well documented what people may not realise is that over the counter supplements can actually do more harm than good. This includes vitamins which for some reason the general public think cannot be taking in doses which are too high. In fact the opposite is true and taking vitamins in ultra-high doses can cause them to crystallize in your body causes a variety of medical issues.

 This is why you should only rely on reputable medical sources for anything you decide to ingest. Trying to discern the lies and exaggeration for actual medical fact is very hard in the myriad of forums and opinions found online. Listed below are commonly found supplements for men that are used by many people to promote good health. They are listed here because in some circumstances you could take them and unwittingly damage your health rather than improve it.

Vitamin A - Otherwise known as Beta-Carotene, this is one of those supplements that became popular in the antioxidant gold-rush. Around forty to fifty years ago this was hailed as the next big miracle cure. Not only would Vitamin A mop up all those damaging oxidants it also seemed to show positive results in initial cancer studies. It soon became clear however that the cancer cure was not around the corner and that the majority of evidence for this as a wonder drug actually came from studies on animals.

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Even more worrying still, modern insight into this antioxidant has revealed that men who smoke and take this supplement will be increasing their lung carcinoma risk profile rather than reducing it. Regardless of how well founded the new worrying findings are, it is not worth your money or risk considering the lack of evidence of efficacy.

Selenium - Following the theme of increased cancer risk, selenium is another antioxidant that experienced a sudden spike in popularity. Selenium was hailed as the prime drug in the fight against skin cancer. A series of trials we run which unfortunately showed that it actually increased the risk! It showed no benefit in other chronic diseases either and its use an an antioxidant was shelved.

Years later the same data was reviewed and it was thought that those who took part in the skin cancer trial had actually had their relative risk of prostate cancer reduced. This prompted the SELECT trial, but fortune seemed certain to doom this treatment. Selenium and Vitamin E were combined and instead of treating the patients yet again the outcomes showed an increased relative risk of prostate cancer.

Vitamin E - Aside from the SELECT trial discussed, Vitamin E had shown promise in a variety of other cancer settings. As an antioxidant it was in the group of supplements that was extensively studied over and over again. Despite the suggestion that health benefits can be found, to quote the research scientists who carried out the work ‘it worked in a test tube but had absolutely no impact when tested in humans’. Don’t bother wasting your time on a substance that had no effect or benefit.

Yohimbe - A popular drug found in Africa, this is made from the tree bark of the Yohimbe tree. An extract is required to gain the blood pressure changing properties of this tree and it is this extract which is being used as a natural aphrodisiac. Although proper drugs like Viagra combat erectile dysfunction in this way they are well regulated and prescribed by a knowledgeable physician. Taking Yohimbe simply isn’t as good as mainstream medication but because it is a natural supplement there are lots of people who create a mythos around it. Don’t be fooled by gossip that you read on the internet, you could end up with some nasty unintended consequences like high blood pressure, vomiting and more.

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DHEA - This is the big one. Lot’s of well read individuals use DHEA to increase their hormone profile, especially as they get older. As this can be taken in pill form rather than injected like other steroids it has generated a reputation as being safe whilst also improving libido in both men and women. Again the data is scant and in the place of reassuring results there is the possibility that taking exogenous DHEA can suppress your body’s ability to produce its own.

Aside from damaging your own production system, DHEA comes in a wide range of concentrations due to poor quality control. This creates inherent dangers but aside from this some evidence is beginning to point towards DHEA as a good cholesterol suppressant. All in all there does not seem to be a concrete, validated reason for taking this supplement. The chance of doing harm to yourself far outweighs any potential benefits you may think you are receiving. There are a number of safer ways for both men and women to increase their sex drive without resorting to this.