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The Portable Male Workout

If you crave building an impressive physique, strength or weight training is one of the most common routes people pick. This type of workout gets your muscles primed for action, indictable under load. In doing so micro tears form in your muscles. Repairing these tears builds the muscle back even bigger than it was before. Constant use gets the body around to the idea that your musculature regularly needs more oxygen and food.

Blood vessels will grow to facilitate this and in time your muscles will be more hydrated and therefore have a fullness to them. With all your working out and muscle gain your body will have been shedding the pounds at the same time. More muscle and less fat will tighten your skin and define your body the way it would look in a naturally healthy person. Overdoing it will make you look unnatural and going crazy will give the impression that you use steroids or other enhancing drugs.

To keep your strength up and workout for that reason it is completely possible to stay fit using body weight alone. Using weight that is greater than yourself will always give an over pumped look if you adhere to the regimen for long enough. Luckily there is a program that has been developed which solely focuses on body weight work.

A famous prisoner, none other than Charles Bronson developed it. This bloke the most notorious guy in Britain and one of the most violent. He spent a hefty chunk of his life in prison where there was limited access to outside space or a gym. What was formulated came about as a result of what was around him.

Keep in mind that this man had no fitness app, no calorie counter and no personal trainer. It goes to show that determination, repetition and hard graft makes you strong, not fancy add ons.

The Bronson Exercises

These six exercises form the core of the bodyweight workout. They apply push and pull resistance to every part of your body that needs it. These can replace every weight machine that you find in a gym so there is no need to leave your home to utilise this formula.

Push ups - The push up is a foundational exercise that everyone from beginners to the elderly should have in their repetoire. It works your arms every day, which actually can be missed in those who for example work a sedentry job. Your legs always get some work going up stairs, walking to a car etc, no matter how lazy you are. Your arms and back however miss out in modern society so a pushup is a good first step to take in the world of exercise.

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Pull ups - these are the weight opposite of a push up. If you are starting to do pushups this is an important exercise to include to balance the growth of your muscles. Doing reps of these will build a strong and wide back, good for supporting your spine and neck.

Squats - the squat is sometimes overlooked as people obsess with their upper body physique. Squats help build the biggest muscles in your body. Making them grow will then feed further growth of other muscles, creating a synergistic feedback look that will reap more rewards for you.

Dips - These work your forearms, core and triceps all in one alongside recruiting other groups of muscles to aid with the heavy lifting. To do a dip you need to grab a ledge or bar behind you and have your feet at the same level. Then retrude yourself below the level of your feet and hands. When you can go no lower raise yourself back up and repeat. If you find it easy put something heavy around your waist!

Hanging Raises - Just like with exercise two you will be best suited with a bar to hang from to perform this exercise. Hang comfortably from the bar, without overextending your shoulders and then pull your feet up to waist height without bending at the knees. Not only is this good for stretching it is also one of the best exercises that you can do for your core. It place much greater emphasis on your ribs and collateral muscles because your body is stretched out. Don’t miss this one.