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Traction That Works

There are a ton of guides and gurus out there on the web. Often these lead to misinformation and scams but there has been a paper released by the scientific community which shows that there may be a technique for men which actually works! Penis enlargement is always dodgy ground but researchers in Italy put their mind to going through the data available.

There are plenty of different methods and tools for male enhancement but the team from the University of Turin looked at a wide range of possible treatments including plastic or enhancement surgery. Not surprisingly, anything that included having a scalpel being introduced to a penis ended up with poor results. After the operations far too many men complained of surgical failure and complications. Despite the overall picture not being good the Italians did manage to find a treatment that didn’t require a surgeon or a scalpel.

The Traction Method

A nonsurgical technique known as the traction method came out on top when it came to any version of penis extension method. This contraption grips the penis just below the head and presses against the body at the base of the penis. The constant pressure from the device gently pulls on the soft tissue and blood vessels which in turn slowly extends the penis.

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On average guys who tried the treatment felt they gained around an inch when flaccid and upon getting an erection they were around 0.7 inches longer than usual. This may not sound like a lot but if your penis is under 6 inches this could be adding 20-30% more length. Don’t expect instant, overnight results like those promised in spam emails. To gain these results the test subjects used traction for 4 to 6 hours a day. That’s right, this isn’t a pump you can just use for a few minutes every now and then. The traction works by applying constant pressure, not a quick tug. After being in traction every day the magic happens after 4 to 6 months of constant usage.

Failing Penis Pumps

Speaking of the now infamous penis pumps that are advertised everywhere, scientists have found that aside from not doing the job users also tend to report high rates of pain when in use. They even tried the same length of treatment as used with traction. Unfortunately after 6 months of trialling the method no change was found in the men’s penis length.

Still Concerned?

If you are reading this article then you are probably worried on some level that your manhood is too short. We have discussed the one option that seems to improve the situation but there is another factor that researches and the public tend to completely overlook. For the majority of guys a small penis is purely psychological.

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Only 0.6% of men actually have a clinical diagnosis of micropenis around the world. This is defined as the measurement from the top of your glans down to the base. If you are below 2.5 inches when erect, rather than the average of 5 then you can be truly classified as having a small penis. If you have anything from the 3 inch range and up you are just in the average group. Studies have shown that women are happy with their partner’s size 85% of the time. Men on the other hand are happy with what the have naturally only 55% of the time. Clearly this discrepancy shows that there are about one third of men who have nothing to worry about but still do.

If you think you might fall into this group get a reality check on how big or small you actually are. Talk to your partner to get their feedback on how they enjoy you in the bedroom. If there aren’t any warning signs appearing don’t subject yourself to months of unnecessary stress and treatments that won’t work.

Not only will stress and worry degrade your quality of life, it can also damage your erectile function which will then have a real impact on your sexual interactions. Not being able to sustain your erections or perform well in bed will have a much more negative outcome for you than having a penis which isn’t quite as big as you’d like.